No Mountain Too High by Patrick E. Moore

No Mountain Too High is a compilation of my daily journal entries I began writing on October 13, 2018, after my diagnosis of chronic Lymphocytic leukemia. Originally, it was a simple spiral notebook I used to capture the daily inspiration I was receiving from books, videos, and Bible verses suggested to me regarding God’s Healing Power. Next, I shifted to a more formal journal that I used for several months until my oldest grandson Jackson Peden gave me a bullet journal for my birthday in May 2019. Jackson used this popular format for his daily calendar and journaling; he also decorated it with doodles and colors to make it fun. I asked him to teach me how to use it, and we spent two hours coming up with the current format I use in my daily journal.

No Mountain Too High, is meant to be interactive. In it, I created a template to represent my daily doodles. The reader can receive my daily healing thoughts, read a key Bible verse and then journal their prayers for the day. I added an entry for a blessing from the day before and express something I was thankful for each day. It has been a great help to me each day and I hope is for you. Each day in my journal, I draw the lines, boxes, arrows and crosses, color them, then add the daily healing thought, prayers, blessing from yesterday and thankfulness for today. I felt the time I spent each morning during this whole process was intimate time spent with my Heavenly Father. The lines were never perfect and many times my coloring was outside the lines. But those imperfections reminded me I am an imperfect man trying to move toward to perfection when I get to Heaven. My prayer is you will participate each day with your own prayers and thankful thoughts.

Enjoy… and to God be the glory!

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