Peek Inside the Book

No Mountain Too High is intended to be an interactive book, with five critical elements to each daily post. Here is a little more about each section so you can understand how to get the most out of the book!

Key Bible Verse

Each daily healing thought is centered on a Key Bible Verse. This verse, along with the daily healing thought, should be the focal point of the prayers and notes you write down. 

Daily Healing Thought

The Daily Healing Thought is the simple yet sincere story at the top of each page. This healing thought, in concert with the Key Bible verse, are meant to focus and fuel your prayers for that day. 

Prayers and Notes

The “Prayers and Notes” section is a place for you to reflect and respond to both what you’ve read in the Key Bible Verse and Daily Healing Thought. 

A Blessing from Yesterday

We used to sing an old song in church called “Count Your Blessings”. The chorus of that song called us to “Name them one by one”. There’s something very powerful – and proper – in naming your blessings. It is the practice of realizing that we are in fact blessed by God in more ways than we often remember. This section is meant to cause you to pause – to stop for just a moment and think, “How did God bless me yesterday?” 

Something I Am Thankful for Today

The final section is devoted to finding something in your life to be thankful for today. It’s the final response to everything you have walked through up until this point – the Key Bible Verse, the Daily Healing Thought, the Prayers & Notes you jotted down, and the Blessing from Yesterday. It is the reminder that the blessing God gave you yesterday can and will spill over into today. This final section is meant to set our hearts on gratitude, no matter what we may be going through.