Yesterday, one of my grandsons and I had were busy working in the back yard cutting down Cedar trees that were dead or already fallen in our woods. We had rented a chipper to shred the Cedar so we could use it for mulch in our trails going towards the kid’s treehouse. Some of the cedar trees we cut down we’re only 4 inches in diameter but we’re over 40 feet tall. They were straight, with very little limbs and virtually no knots and it was if the trunks were reaching for the heavens. It reminded me of the cedar trees mentioned 70 times in the Bible and that were used to build Solomon’s Temple. Cedar is nearly indestructible and remnants have been found in and near Jerusalem that heave been carbon dated back to the first century and even earlier. In Psalm 92:12 it says “The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree, He shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.” Yes, may we grow in our faith like the cedar trees, strong, upright and always reaching for the heavens.