Do you know that with the 43 muscles in our face are capable of making 10,000 facial expressions? There is a scientific debate on whether it takes more muscles to frown or smile, but apparently it is easier to smile because the muscles can perform the action easier. Even though we man not be a “body language” expert, we can usually see what a person is feeling by looking at their face, especially pain and sorrow. The time might not be right to say something to them but there is something we can do… According to a Swedish researcher smiling is contagious. The mirror neurons in our brain, tend to mirror the action of who we are observing. Smiling can reduce the stressors we are feeling and can actually make us happy. It says in Psalm 144:15 “Happy are the people whose GOD is the LORD”., which reminds us that the source of our happiness comes from GOD. May you smile today and everyday!