Sometimes we think about the word needy with negative connotations, don’t we? I am not talking about the the disabled, downtrodden or poor people who definitely need our help, I am talking about the word used to describe each other. We don’t want to be needy, we want to be independent and self sufficient. The evidence is that the “self help” industry is a ten billion dollar industry and growing. Ok, so is being needy bad? The answer is no, we are all needy. Where did needy come from? From GOD’s design. Think about it. Adam was dependent on everything from GOD, including his first breath and everyone that follows…..and it was paradise. We are still dependent on GOD for everything, make no mistake about it . When GOD made Eve, HE taught us how to be interdependent with others. Remember, every good and perfect gift comes from GOD, James 1:17. Feeling needy today, seek GOD, HE is all you need and HE will provide you peace.