I saw a clever post on Facebook yesterday, it said “ hell is not full of people the LORD rejected, hell is full of people who rejected the LORD”. Well said, huh? One of the tenants of Truth that Christians believe is that there is a Heaven and hell and we will spend eternity in one place or the other. Here is the Good News, the choice is ours because we were created with free will. Here is some More Good News, once we make the choice to receive JESUS in our heart, nothing can snatch us out of HIS hand, John 10:28. In my mind, that means Satan cannot do anything to us that will remove the eternal live JESUS has stamped on our soul. Satan will use everything he can to break that bond, even war, pain, sickness, broken relationship, the loss of a loved one and more, but we can be assured GOD will never lets us go. Take comfort in that today, especially if you have loved ones who have been saved, but have wandered off into a dark. God will protect them and guide them home.