As I was driving through downtown Nashville yesterday, I noticed a cluster of cell phone towers in close proximity and it made me wonder how many they were in the United States and it is over 400,000. Each tower can provide cell phone service for about 45 miles. That number will surely grow because there are over 382 million cellphones in the U.S., more than our population of 328 million people. Sadly there are less churches in America than there are cell phone towers and today, only 50 million Americans attend church today. How is the message of CHRIST going to get out to fulfill the Great Commission JESUS commanded us to do in Matthew 28:19-20? Obviously, we must do our part, but my dear friend Walt Wilson, who founded Global Media Outreach, (  ) believes the combination of the internet and smart phone technology will help fulfill the great commission within ten years. We must do our part. Stay connected and pray GOD will continue to use technology to let the billions of people around the world that have never heard the name of JESUS, hear it soon.