In ecology, crypsis is the ability for a plant or animal to avoid detection or observation by other animals. It is nature’s camouflage. Aristotle in the fourth century, even talked about the color changing ability of animals to camouflage in nature such as the octopus. A zoologist, Sir Edward Poulton, wrote the first book on camouflage, (The Colours of Animals) in 1890 and was key for the military to start coloring their uniforms and equipment. Camouflaging has become more sophisticated in the military and has led to stealth technology for airplanes and submarines. Humans have been hiding and concealing themselves since the beginning of time. Even, Christians today, yes, you and me, try to camouflage our shortcomings and sinfulness so no one will see. We may succeed in hiding from others but we can’t hide from GOD. “No one can hide from God. His eyes see everything we do. We must give an answer to God for what we have done. Romans 4:13. We need to pray that we can take off the camouflage of hypocrisy today and let others see CHRIST through us today!