Here is something you may not know, when trying to repair some old brick steps, you need to soak the bricks before applying mortar. Why you say? A dry brick will suck the water out of the mortar and the mortar will crumble. How do I know? I watched a YouTube video…naturally. My front steps were in need of repair. They were not in shambles like the wall around Jerusalem in Nehemiah, Nehemiah 1:3, but we had six bricks that had broken off and I didn’t want to see my wife weep…..ha, ha.. Seriously repairing those bricks did make me think about the story of Nehemiah and how GOD used him to convince the King of Persia to let him travel back to his hometown of Jerusalem. Nehemiah’s leadership to gather the workers and rebuild nearly two miles of wall around Jerusalem within 52 days gave the Jewish people hope , which began a Spiritual revival of GOD’s people. The steps of our Christian culture are beginning to crumble and we need to repair them. Maybe it’s time we start laying some bricks for GOD’s Kingdom, and then pray for a revival, Amen?