Have you ever heard the phrase “GOD helps those who help themselves”? The phrase underscores the necessity for people to take self-initiative and has been popular in the self-help community since the English version of this quote was penned by Algernon Sydney, an English politician in the 1600’s. Even 52 percent of Christians agreed the the Bible teaches that GOD helps those who help themselves. After reading an article online by Clarence Haynes Jr., I agree with him that this sounds good but neither of us could fine scripture to support it. The idea is problematic, because it puts us as the primary source of help and strength and GOD secondary. Wrong, that is out of order. The Bible tells us this was never GOD’s intent. GOD helps those who Can and Can’t help themselves. We all are weak and GOD’s strength is all we need. 2 Corinthians 12:9. Put GOD first in everything.