A seedless watermelon is the “mule” of the fruit family. Get it? That’s a little vet humor from my favorite veterinarian. Mules have no seed and cannot reproduce either. Mules come from breeding a male donkey and a female horse and their origin was either Asia or Africa thousands of years ago. You don’t see mules in the wild, only in captivity when bred. You see mules mentioned in the Old Testament, but interestingly, not in the New Testament. The Hebrew law prohibited cross breeding of species of animals, per Genesis 1:11, but evidently allowed for their ownership and use. Mules and donkeys are no doubt great beasts of burden, but in ancient days, the mule was called the “King’s Steed” because it was rare and a peaceful ride. The horse was the weapon of war and the donkey was always considered a lowly beast of burden. In a statement to all the people and to fulfill the prophecy in Zechariah 9:9, JESUS chose to ride a lowly donkey into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. That’s a reminder for us today, the KING of all KINGS is for everyone. Seek HIM today!